Artificial Economies

Modern economies depend on the banking and financial system, in conjunction with market based price setting, to distribute information on supply and demand, and provide mechanisms for societies to self-organise into groups which work to meet their requirements.

Threadneedle provides a simulation environment which allows us to place these systems under detailed study, and explore their behaviour over time.

Over time is a key dimension in the behaviour of real time networked systems, and in our opinion, all too often, "t" is absent from economic equations. Our results to date suggest that Artificial Economies don't have to be unduely complex, to explore this dimension, but they do have to be grounded in realism.

The public domain version of Threadneedle provides a set of simple agents that can be used to build small artificial economies, or extended to provide more complex behaviour. If you would like to join us in working on our goal of building scaled representative simulations of actual economies based on their individual financial systems, please look at the Contribute page and contact us.