Description of the Operational Mechanics of a Basel Regulated Banking System, Jacky Mallett

arxiv pre-print

  • Worked examples of all double entry book keeping operations used in Threadneedle


Threadneedle: An Experimental Tool for the Simulation and Analysis of Fractional Reserve Banking Systems, Jacky Mallett

41st Annual Conference Eastern Economics Conference, 2015

  • Macro-economic sensitivity to banking system implementation
  • Raising interest rates increases banking system growth under Basel Regulation
  • Long term liquidity flows benefit the loan originating bank.


An examination of the effect on the Icelandic Banking System of Verðtryggð Lán (Indexed-Linked Loans)

Annual Conference of the Scottish Economics Society, 2013

  • Positive feedback loop within Icelandic Banking System created by Indexed Linked Loans


What are the limits on Commercial Bank Lending?

Advances in Complex Systems, August 2012

  • Issues surrounding loan securitization and in particular creation of unregulated credit by the banking system



Exploring the Potential Macroeconomic Impacts of Branch Banking Practices

Reykjavik University, School of Computer Science, M.Sc. Research Thesis, 2014

  • Explores branch banking practices interaction with banking expansion.
  • Points to network structure within banks influencing regional growth.